The power to create the life you really want begins with the question:


This question, beyond all others, is the one that really matters.

Practical? Nothing could be more so. What you are--your essential way of being--organizes how you perceive and relate to the world. The "I AM..." you know yourself to be--as an individual, relationship, group, or as pure Awareness itself - shapes your vision, organizes your strategies, determines your actions, and molds your future.

When you live from your Core Wisdom, it becomes your compass and guide. You rediscover your true self, and you move beyond identifying yourself as your history, culture, beliefs, and personality.

You are able to discern and act from what really matters with integrity, steadfastness, love and compassion. You no longer feel constrained by limiting past beliefs, fears or circumstances. Counterproductive behaviors and limiting past practices dissolve in the light of awakened Awareness. You shift from a life of enduring and striving to a life of Self-mastery and creativity.

This transformation leads to the unfolding of unprecedented possibilities and accomplishments to arise. You discover your capacity to deal with life's challenges and surprises with increased effectiveness, inspiration, and ease. Situations and opportunities in life are experienced as they truly are - dynamic, fluid, whole, ever-changing.

With clarity and inner peace, you bring Core Wisdom to the practicalities of daily living - embracing joy, inviting grace, and welcoming possibilities.

The Heart of the Core Wisdom© Approach:

The Heart of the Core Wisdom approach is inspired by Hal Isen's own experience of the Non-Dual Direct Path as expressed by such 20th Century spiritual teachers as Sri Nisargadatta Marharaj, Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon, Lester Levenson, and Dr. Robert Gibson (Rhondell).

Core Wisdom is a synthesis of timeless Wisdom with an innovative experiential learning methodology that makes these principles and way of Being accessible and relevant to our contemporary lives. Core Wisdom moves beyond esoteric understanding to hands-on mastery of these Wisdom principles, integrating them into your daily life in a powerful, practical way.

Core Wisdom is adult education in the finest sense of the term; designed around the dynamic interaction of receiving and bringing forth. It is a catalyst for the light of Awareness that you are to become the bedrock of your strength, authenticity and effectiveness in the world.

Hal Isen & Associates, Inc. provides you with direct access to this potent, dynamic way of living through its Core Wisdom© Programs and Life Mentoring & Counseling© services.

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