"Living Your Core Wisdom"


You are invited to participate in a transformative experiential immersion in the truth of your own Being; an immersion in living knowingly from your true nature as open, infinite Awareness itself.

This invitation is an opportunity to fully reside and express your capacity to live from Love, Freedom, Happiness, and Peace in all aspects and areas of your life -- to live life as a creative unfolding work of Art.

Most of us have had tastes of this experience in our life.


Can you recall a time that you experienced what is often referred to as "being in the zone,"or "being in the flow"?

In that moment, all seemed seamlessly connected and flowing, and there was a sense of love, peace and stillness in the midst of the unfolding, effortless action.

This sense of being in the zone or flow may have occurred for you during an activity such as playing a sport, playing music, dancing, or writing. It may have occurred in a creative moment at work in which the insight into the solution to a problem suddenly occurred to you fully formed. It may have been a moment in which you experienced a sense of profound intimacy and oneness in a relationship; when all sense of "otherness" vanished. It may have taken place quietly as you were walking along a path in the woods or gazing at a sunset, and suddenly all sense of separation and subject-object vanished, and you and all of nature were experienced as one connected, alive, seamless, pulsating NOW presence.


When you recall such a "Moment of Being", you might notice that during that effortless "flow" all sense of fear, lack, limitation, sense of separation, history, self-consciousness, concern, doubt, effort, struggle, past, and future were absent. Negative, limiting thoughts and feelings cannot live or exist in the flow of NOW. In that timeless moment, even in the midst of action, a profound sense of stillness and well being is present. In that moment of timeless NOW, you not only went with the flow, you WERE the flow! That is the aware, infinite, "I AM" you really are. That is what it is like to live knowingly and fully as your Core Wisdom.


For most people, such "Moments of BEING" show up as rare extraordinary peak experiences. What if, instead, such "moments" were not the exception, but were the way you experienced life and yourself most of the time? This way of Being is what is present when you reside and live knowingly from the Core Wisdom that is your true nature. This Core Wisdom, this open, infinite Awareness that you are, is what you usually refer to as "I". Thoughts, feelings, images, sensations and perceptions come and go, but the true "I" you are is always present as the Aware Presence upon which and within which all appearances arise, manifest, and dissolve. This is the true "I" unveiled, rather than the illusion of a limited finite "me" that we have been conditioned to identify with. Being and living knowingly from this "I" you always are is the gift to yourself that you are invited to fulfill in your direct experience.

Four Modules:

1. The Core Wisdom 3-Day Weekend Lab

Content of the CWWLs: Each Core Wisdom Weekend Lab is a combination of deep inquiry, reflective and guided experiential meditations, exercises, experiments, and Q&A that support you to rigorously experience (1) the true nature and qualities of the infinite, ever-present, luminous Being/Awareness that you are, (2) the realization of your authentic expression in the world as freedom, love, compassion, happiness, creativity and peace, and (3) the illumination of and the liberation from the limiting, conditioned beliefs that "I" is encased in a finite mind/body as a separate "me" entity "in here," living in an apparently separate, independently existing world "out there."

2. Core Wisdom Teleconference calls / Webinars

Teleconference calls or Webinars support you in deepening your understanding and integration of the true nature of Being, allowing its qualities to permeate your life and manifest as the experience of flow, peace and connectedness with others and the world. A natural byproduct of this process is an expanding sense of flow, joy, and peace, and the natural and effortless dissolving of old conditioned and limiting survival responses such as stress, fear, a sense of lack, and feelings of separation.

Content of the Teleconference/Webinars: The content will be divided between guided mediations and inquiries, followed by a Q&A period in which you can address any questions regarding Core Wisdom principles, share present experiences, and discover new ways of integrating this Core Wisdom understanding powerfully into your daily life.

Tuition: $18 for each 2 hour online Teleconference call/Webinar. (Payable by PayPal or credit card. Instructions for accessing each online session will be sent to you during the week before the scheduled session).

3. Core Wisdom Lab Email Correspondence

The experiences, insights and issues that others are engaged in often assist us in shining a clarifying light on our own individual journey of integrating and resonating with our true unlimited, loving, creative "I." As part of the Core Wisdom design, we will set up an email structure specifically for those participating in the Core Wisdom Weekend Lab so that questions can be responded to on an ongoing basis in a way that will be of value to everyone. (Certainly, if you are in this CWWL program and wish to communicate with Hal Isen via email confidentially, that is also available). This service is included in the Core Wisdom Weekend Lab tuition.

4. Individual Core Wisdom Mentoring & Counseling Sessions

Individual Core Wisdom Mentoring and Counseling Sessions can be scheduled with Hal Isen by appointment. They can be in person or by phone, face-time,Skype or Zoom.

Overview of the Core Wisdom Invitation:

The opportunity is to reside at "home" in your true nature as Aware Being, liberated to live knowingly from the Light, Love and Freedom you always are at all times and in all circumstances.

Through our direct experience of our true nature as Awareness itself, we will experientially move through the 3 stages of Being -- (1) the conditioned belief in being "something" (a limited mind/body), (2) the freedom of experiencing oneself as "no-thing" --- the open, unchanging, innately peaceful Witnessing Presence within which all experiences --- thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and perceptions of the world --- are created, arise, manifest, and dissolve without effort or suffering, and (3) we open ourselves to the unfolding of the third stage of Being, when the remaining subtle sense of separation and false duality of subject/object, inside/outside falls away, and we experience ourselves as "Every-thing" --- the limitless, dimensionless, timeless, loving Presence which is also the very substance of all that arises as mind/body/world. At this third stage of Awareness, all of life is experienced as a blessed, loving celebration and expression of the ever-present, infinite I AM that you are.

To those of you who accept my invitation to attend the Core Wisdom Weekend Lab, I look forward to our partnership in creating this journey in BEING!




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