Living Your Core Wisdom®: Dissolving and Creating at Work and with Family

(The value of Core Wisdom is in the way that you manifest and integrate its presence and principles into your life. I recently had an individual Core Wisdom phone session with a successful entrepreneur --I'll call him, "William"--who wanted to dissolve an old pattern of conditioning that got in the way of his authenticity and effectiveness with his staff:the urge to "please" in order to be liked rather than communicating accurately and honestly what was so. In addition, with family holiday gatherings coming up, William wanted to dissolve anything in the way of being able to intentionally create a space of unconditional love for everyone and be with his family without any ideals of how they "should be" in the way. As you will see from his email message below (shared with his permission) he successfully dissolved his work issue and fulfilled on his intention for his family with wonderful, unexpected results. May it inspire you as you are with your families and friends this holiday season! --Hal)

Hi Hal,

I wanted to follow up with you about what has been unfolding since our last session. I noticed more "space" in my being, and it was clear that certain things manifested themselves almost immediately as the thought of them entered my mind---a quickening of process.

The most significant thing I experienced occurred during the employee reviews that I performed this week. The entire aspect of "pleasing" evaporated and it was almost as if a different beign took possession of my faculties and interaction. I felt it was my "highest and best" self, the one that realized that in some instances the hightest expression of love is the truth that the other party has not been holding up their end of the bargain/ And every time I had that conversation, because of the way I was able to impart the message, there was no sense of defensiveness or awkwardness in the conversation. There was acknowledgment. What a refreshing experience.

One further thing that unfolded after our last phone session. I had my family in town for a holiday gathering, all 20 of us, and we had not one fight, not one cross moment. I set the intention the night before that we would create a sacred space where everything that occurred would be perfect as it happened. And it was!

So, once again, thank you for facilitating this new awareness.

                -- William

Core Wisdom Quote


Do not
Want to step so quickly
Over a beautiful line on God's palm
As I move through the earth's

I do not want to touch any object in this world
Without my eyes testifying to the truth
That everything is
My Beloved.

Something has happened
To my understanding of existence
That now makes my heart always full of wonder
And kindness.

I do not
Want to step so quickly
Over this sacred place on God's body
That is right beneath your
Own foot

As I
Dance with
Precious life

                -- Hafiz

From Core Wisdom On-Line Number 109 - Dec. 26, 2009
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